23 April 2013

Packetyzer: A step towards future

Long time I didn't write on the blog, but I am back with my latest and first paper on Packetyzer, my first packet analysis C++ library. 

Packetyzer is a high level library for C++ designed to make easier the forging and decoding of network packets. It has the ability to decode packets of most common network protocols, capture them and send them on the wire. This capability allows construction of tools that can probe, scan or attack networks.

It enables the creation of networking tools in a few lines. A packet is described by its where Fields of each layer have useful default values that you can overload. It has the ability to analyze pcap files or captured packets using Wireshark.

Packetyzer has the ability to capture packets, analyze them and send them over the wire. It analyzes the packets and the connection streams ... from the Ethernet header to the Application layer protocols. Packetyzer is in the form of Dynamic Link Library (DLL) that will help to be included in many tools and projects.